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For 14 years, June has been proclaimed Orca Awareness Month by the Governor of Washington — and for the first time in 2016 Orca Awareness Month was celebrated in Oregon and in British Columbia as well! 

Along with the health of the Southern Residents, the health of our community is our top priority.

We’ve been monitoring the relevant local, state, and federal COVID-19 regulations and guidance as we make decisions regarding Orca Month events.
We will continue to update the events on the Orca Month event page and Facebook page with any rescheduled or new virtual events so please keep checking back often!

– The Orca Salmon Alliance


2020 Events

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Salmon Runs
Head out to check out the fall Salmon Runs at one of the following locations!

The Southern Resident orcas eat only fish, mostly salmon. In winter, as much as half their diet is coho and chum, and even a little steelhead and some lingcod, skate or flatfish. What these predators need the most, however, is chinook.
Every year, Pacific salmon travel hundreds of miles through the ocean, navigating storms and slipping past predators and fishermen’s nets, relentlessly focused on arriving at the local streams where they were hatched. Their purpose: to mate and bury their eggs in the stream bottom before they die. While they’re alive, the salmon battle the current to swim upstream, and compete with each other to win mates and spawning spots. They die soon after spawning, and as they decompose, their bodies fertilize the streams.

Head out to one of these locations to see if you can witness the magic of the salmon runs that help feed our beloved orcas!

For King County, check out the Salmon SEEson program which helps people witness this amazing migration at locations around King County.

Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, Seattle
Piper’s Creek at Carkeek Park, Seattle
Duwamish River, Tukwila
Longfellow Creek, West Seattle
Green River, Auburn
Cedar River, Renton and Maple Valley
North Creek, Bothell
Samammish River, Redmond
Bear Creek and Cottage Lake Creek, Woodinville

South WA
Deschutes River, Tumwater
Clarks Creek, Puyallup
McLane Creek Nature Trail, Capitol State Forest
Kennedy Creek, Mason County, northwest of Olympia

Kitsap County Viewing Locations
Chico Creek
Clear Creek
Cowling Creek
Keta Legacy Foundation/
Rhododendron Preserve
Poulsbo Fish Park
Salmon Haven at Dickerson Creek
Chico Salmon Viewing Park.

Orca Spotting around the Salish Sea

Throughout the year, especially on warm summer days, you might spot a pod of Southern Resident orcas. If you happen to be boating, please follow the regulations and guidelines, and stay at least 200 yards from the orcas. Visit Orca Network’s Sighting Page to find recent sightings or post your report and share photos!

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