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For 14 years, June has been proclaimed Orca Awareness Month by the Governor of Washington — and for the first time in 2016 Orca Awareness Month was celebrated in Oregon and in British Columbia as well! 

Along with the health of the Southern Residents, the health of our community is our top priority.

We’ve been monitoring the relevant local, state, and federal COVID-19 regulations and guidance as we make decisions regarding Orca Month events.
We will continue to update the events on the Orca Month event page and Facebook page with any rescheduled or new virtual events so please keep checking back often!

– The Orca Salmon Alliance


2020 Events

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Orca Recovery Day Self Organized Beach Clean Up
Oct 5 – Nov 5

Join in on Orca Recovery Day (which runs from October 5-November 5) by self-organizing your own beach cleanup team at a beach near you on day that is convenient for you!
Marine trash is a growing global pollution problem. With 2,400 miles of shoreline in the Puget Sound and our corner of the world, you can imagine how much trash ends up on our shorelines every day.
Beach Cleanups are a tangible activity that will help keep plastics, rubber, paper, and other man made items out of the water. The Southern Resident orca and the salmon they eat will greatly appreciate cleaning up after ourselves!
*BONUS! Post a photo of your cleanup on social media and tag @orcamonth to get your name entered into a drawing to win an orca face mask or a pair of KAVU socks!*
Orca Masks
Kavu Orca Socks

All your group of beach cleanup team needs are face masks, gloves, small buckets to put trash in, BBQ tongs, and a few trash bags! We recommend lawn & leaf bags or grocery bags instead of using new plastic trash bags.

Make sure your beach cleanup follows social-distancing and COVID-19 safety requirements, like wearing a face mask, having hand sanitizer on hand and no groups larger than 5 humans.

Want to join the Eco Challenge and make a bigger impact for Orca Recovery Day?
Join here!

Please email Mollie at to let us know you are interested to plan your own beach cleanup at a location and time that is convenient for you. We’ll help you as best we can from a distance.
RSVP & Invite friends to participate on the Orca Month Facebook Event Page

Orca Recovery Day
Oct 5 – Nov 5
Tune into the Orca Month Social channels for a week of Orca facts, fun, and education in the week leading up to Orca Recovery Day.
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Orca Spotting around the Salish Sea

Throughout the year, especially on warm summer days, you might spot a pod of Southern Resident orcas. If you happen to be boating, please follow the regulations and guidelines, and stay at least 200 yards from the orcas. Visit Orca Network’s Sighting Page to find recent sightings or post your report and share photos!

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