Remembering Granny

Remembering Granny

For Decades, Granny Was the Leader of a Pack of Endangered Orcas. Then One Day, She Disappeared | The Stranger | May 22, 2017

A Comic About Granny the Orca | The Stranger | May 22, 2017

The Sound of Broken Promises | Orca Network | October 6, 2006

World’s Oldest Known Orca Presumed Dead | National Geographic | January 3, 2017

A Message From Ralph Munro

“For more than thirty years, I have watched, and worked to protect, the magnificent orcas of Puget Sound and British Columbia waters. It has been both a happy and sad experience.

On the sad side, I have seen the number of orcas diminish, watched the toxicity levels in their bodies increase, worried about less and less salmon for them to feed on and sometimes wondered if they will even be here for our grandchildren to observe.

Happier memories include seeing growing numbers of people willing to work for protection of whales of all species, an increasing number of whale-related programs such as Orca Network, the Center for Whale Research, Orcalab, etc. And finally, tens of thousands of local citizens who are willing to stand up and shout, “Don’t let our orcas die!”

As we celebrate Orca Month, let each of us recommit our time, talents and treasure to work that insures protection and growth of our orca population. These incredible creatures of the sea need our help. Good luck and Godspeed.”

-Ralph Munro, Triple Creek Farm, Mud Bay, Olympia

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