About Orca Month

Orca Awareness Month, started by long-time orca education and advocacy group Orca Network, was created to bring together researchers, advocates, and orca lovers everywhere to raise the awareness of the threats facing these magnificent animals and provide a community to celebrate orca of the Salish Sea.

Granny_credit Melisa PinnowIn 2020, the Orca Salmon Alliance will celebrate the 14th anniversary of Orca Month. The Orca Salmon Alliance encourages everyone to take part – Orca Month is for every orca lover out there!

For 14 years, June has been proclaimed Orca Awareness Month by the Governor of Washington, and for the first time in 2016 Orca Awareness Month was being celebrated in Oregon and in British Columbia.

A History of Orca Awareness: 14 Years Strong

2020 marks the 14th year that Washingtonians celebrate orca awareness month. Started over a decade ago by Susan Berta and Howard Garrett of Orca Network, Orca Month raises awareness of endangered Southern Resident orcas and the need to help them recover to a healthy population. The celebration has taken many forms, from orca wine vintage dedications to orca songs, dances, and gubernatorial proclamations.

Coordinated by the Orca Salmon Alliance and partners, we’re hosting events across the Salish Sea and beyond to increase awareness about the threats to the Southern Residents and their primary food source, Chinook salmon.

Members of the Orca Salmon Alliance are:


Center for Biological DiversityDefenders of Wildlife | Earthjustice | Endangered Species Coalition | Natural Resources Defense Council | Oceana | Orca Network | Puget Soundkeeper Alliance | Save Our Wild Salmon | Seattle Aquarium | Sierra Club | Washington Environmental Council | Whale and Dolphin Conservation | Whale Scout  Council
Wild Orca| Friends of the San Juans | Toxic-Free Future

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