Join us in celebrating Orca Month!

Attend events in WA, OR, and BC

2019 Orca Action Month Logo

Orca Month in June is a chance to celebrate one of our region’s most iconic wildlife species, but also an opportunity to reflect on the plight of these fragile creatures.

Working together from all corners of the Salish Sea, we can restore the habitat orcas – and humans – call home. Join us for a month of educational and celebratory events to raise awareness of the threats facing our Southern Resident orca population and what we can do to protect them.

To our fellow conservationists and orca and salmon protectors,

The members of the Orca Salmon Alliance (OSA) believe it is critical to acknowledge and reflect deeply upon the systemic racism and police brutality against Black people in our country. These injustices are a result of the same social and political inequalities that unfairly place Black, Hispanic, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander and other communities of color on the front lines of toxic pollution and environmental burdens across the U.S. These burdens do not exist in isolation. As the quality of life for people of color living in environmental justice communities continues to be threatened, the health of the Pacific Northwest’s most iconic species – our Chinook salmon and Southern Resident orcas – is also at risk.
We stand in solidarity with Black communities, and demand an immediate end to the systemic violence against Black people, the unequal policing of Black and Brown communities, and the need to hold our governments accountable in the killing of Black people and people of color.
Being accountable calls for transparency, and as such, we also recognize that like many other environmental organizations in the region, our OSA coalition members are from historically white-led organizations. The collective whiteness of our respective organizations and as a coalition is a constant reminder that we need to do more to be allies in the fight against systemic racism and white supremacy in all its forms. This requires transforming not just the institutions we are a part of, but acknowledging that our predominantly white organizations are a part of the problem.
As we continue to reflect, educate ourselves, and take the steps necessary to become effective allies in defense of Black communities and movements led by Black, Hispanic, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, and other communities of color, please consider supporting the following organizations

Black Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County, Campaign Zero, Reclaim the Block, Communities United Against Police Brutality, & Louisville Community Bail Fund.

In solidarity,

Orca Salmon Alliance


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